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Our Experience

With the experience of more than 30 years in Business & IT Consulting for global organizations, we are now focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses to gain efficiencies wherever needed in their organizations.  Our collaborative process is designed to empower your team and supply them with the tools they need to be successful.  We work closely with our clients to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage in their marketplace.  We can help to improve your processes and find creative ways of enhancing your team's performance and productivity.

Our Approach

Our services include a comprehensive consultation to identify gaps and opportunities along with a report that will profile thoughtfully focused recommendations for increasing performance and productivity.  We will work along side your team to implement approved changes quickly and efficiently.  Our team will support you to make sure that everything is working well and that the new process is well understood and effective. When we're finished we will hand you the keys and be on our way...

Why BCP?

The world's business landscape has experienced an unprecedented paradigm shift over the past 25 years.  Our global workforce has become virtual and mobilized as we continue to leverage the Internet in more innovative ways.  We have been in the trenches through all of it and have seen how world-class organizations have vigorously embraced these monumental changes.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skill set to complete a project, we can deliver it.  Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. 

Professional Services

Business Process Optimization

We help our clients to get the most value out of their software assets through optimizing their existing processes. Many times we find that an underperforming system is not the fault of the software. We have helped many clients avoid expensive upgrades through our BPO services. We want to ensure that our client is getting the most value for every IT dollar spent. 

Software Assessment

Many clients have indicated uncertainty regarding whether they are leveraging the full effectiveness of their software systems. The provider may say that they need to perform an expensive upgrade in order to obtain desired productivity levels. We can verify this through our assessment services and potentially find ways to improve productivity.

Software Selection

Choosing the right software for a particular function can be a daunting task. Most software providers will tell you their product is the best choice. Many of them will be able to do the job but with varying cost benefits. Our team will work with you to prepare a presentation script for the considered vendors to follow. We will work with them to ensure a level playing field.

Change Management

This is an important aspect which is often confused as a part of Training and not given proper consideration. CM is about how an employee's job will change as a result of the implementation of a new system (rather than how to get information 'in and out' of it). Poor system adoption can be blamed on not having a CM component as a part of the project. Our team will work to ensure high adoption rates.


Any new system or one that has been upgraded or customized will require additional training for its users. The software provider will usually offer some form of training but it might come at a  high cost and may not suit your needs. We can prepare customized training depending on your requirements and budget. We will work with your team to determine the type of training and desired format for delivery.


We have people on our team that specialize in various areas such as, Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing. No matter what particular area you are interested in improving we can help. We will be glad to discuss your need and apply the proper talent. If we can't help we'll do our best to connect you with someone that can. In any case, we will assist you in finding the right answers.

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